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Super Mario PacThere are a lot of fan-made computer games out there that "borrow" elements from beloved commercial titles.  A lot of those games are downright terrible, but once in a while there's a diamond amongst all the coal.  Enter Super Mario Pac, a fan-made game that combines elements of Super Mario World, Super Mario Sunshine, and Jetpac to make one seriously fun and addictive game.

Created by HermitGames without permission from Nintendo, Super Mario Pac puts players in control of classic 2D Mario.  Equipped with the FLUDD water pack, Mario must collect pieces of a warp pipe, assemble them, and then exterminate the Piranha Plant living inside.  FLUDD functions as both a jetpack and a weapon, and when the water supply runs dry Mario must get a refill at the local water hole.  Download this one while you can; Nintendo will probably unleash the lawyers sooner than later, and it's definitely a keeper.

(via 4 color rebellion)