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Super Mario Bros. Super Show DVD Delayed

MarioTVShowsonDVD has a blurb about Shout! Factory teaming up with DiC to released 1980s animated television shows on DVD.  Bad news for Mushroom Kingdom fans, however: the Super Mario Bros. Super Show and The Legend of Zelda DVD release dates listed at online retail sites are incorrect.  The DVDs are still coming, but exactly when is unknown at this time.

Please note than some etailers have begun listing The Legend of Zelda and Super Mario Bros. Super Show, however we're told that the dates are incorrect, and that nothing has been announced from the companies involved. This has become normal for Shout! Factory releases; sales are done through Sony Music, and they often solicit orders before a date is set.

So those of you out there who have been waiting nearly fifteen years for these cartoons to appear in digital format will have to wait a little longer.  You're welcome to make your own "DVDs are in another castle" joke if you want.