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Super Mario 64 DS To Be Bundled With Nintendo DS

Nintendo DSNintendo is trying to entice would-be Nintendo DS gamers to pick up a dual-screen unit by bundling it with Super Mario 64 DSAccording to this report from AMN, starting next week consumers will be able to pick up a Nintendo DS and Super Mario 64 DS for $149.99.  In other words, Mario is a free pack-in.

I guess Nintendo realized that the Metroid Prime Hunters demo initially bundled with the unit wasn't a long-term customer magnet.  It's great to see Nintendo bundling Mario with the DS, as I believe this is how things should have been since the DS's debut.  A Nintendo console/unit just has to launch with a bundled Super Mario game.  It's tradition (even though the last time a Mario game came bundled with a new product was in 1995, but I stand by my statement).