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Dr. EggmanEarlier this week there was news that Sega and Panovision Studios were working on a Sonic the Hedgehog MMORPG.  Now more details about this project have come forward, but the pieces of this puzzle just don't seem to add up.  Read through what has been said and come to your own conclusion.  Here is what is known as of this morning:

  • Panovation Studios claims to be working with Sega to create a Sonic online RPG (not an MMORPG, just an online RPG).
  • Sega denies that this project exists.
  • Sega denies entering into a partnership with Panovation.
  • Panovation claims that they are undertaking this project not as Panovation, but as The Blue Hedgehog Network LLP and says that Sega approved the partnership over one year ago.
  • At the moment the only interview that Panovation has granted has been to a member of Sega's online message boards known as "Mondo-cool".
  • Panovation wants people to stop pestering Sega about the project.

My belief is that Panovation/Blue Hedgehog Network is undertaking this project on their own initiative as a fan-based game and is hoping that Sega will pick them up for an official for-profit release instead of suing them into the ground for copyright infringement.  Panovation can claim whatever they like, but if Sega says that this project isn't happening then I'm inclined to believe Sega's claims over those of Panovation.  Besides, fan-based projects have a notorious record for falling apart due to lack of interest or time.  How many fan-based games based on another company's properties has the Internet seen come and go in recent years?