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Smash Bros. Bundle Not Multiplayer-Friendly

Super Smash Bros Melee bundleNintendo's still pushing the Nintendo GameCube into new homes and the company's latest salvo is a bundle package that includes a GameCube, the best-selling system-launching multiplayer fest that is Super Smash Bros. Melee, and... one controller.  One... single... controller.  Nintendo is pushing a bundle that features the best multiplayer brawler of this gaming generation on their console, and they're only including one controller.

Granted the idea is for new customers to pick up extra controllers themselves and spend more money, but I'd think if one were offering a game that is known for its multiplayer goodness this late in the GameCube's life, one would toss an extra controller into the package to at least let two players battle it out with just the initial bundle purchase.  The days of getting two controllers in the box with a new console are long gone, but I just have to shake my head at failing to include a second controller with the Super Smash Bros. Melee bundle.