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Pac-Man After Microsoft sent "Master Chief" himself to deliver scripts of the proposed Halo movie to various Hollywood studios last week, Namco decided to dig their unproduced script for Pac-Man: The Movie out of storage.  Copying Microsoft's idea, the company sent runners dressed in Pac-Man suits to deliver the script.  Unfortunately, a lack of interest from the studios seems to have killed off the project before it could even begin.  Dateline: Hollywood has the story.

The Pac-Man script tells the story of a young yellow head who becomes addicted to small pellets and is being chased by a band of renegade ghosts who believe his ability to eat pellets at a super-human pace would be a valuable weapon for their military. Joined by a fellow yellow head who wears a hair bow and whose appetite for pellets is matched only by her appetite for hot sex, Pac-Man finds a magical super-sized pellet that gives him powers to turn his enemies into lunch.

Yes, it's just satire.  However, after reading this I'm convinced now more than ever that all future scripts based on a video game should be delivered to studios by a runner wearing a comical costume.  After all, we should get at least a little entertainment out of these terrible Hollywood productions.