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Grand Theft Auto's Sex Mode Opens New Can Of Worms

Hidden sex mode in Grand Theft Auto: San AndreasSometimes I just want to smack certain game developers in the face and shout "What were you thinking?!".  In this day and age when politicians are using "bad" video games to boost their own careers, how can a developer like Rockstar hand more political ammo over to those that want to see video games become a legislated and restricted medium?  The flap is over the crudely-rendered uncensored hidden sex mini-games in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas that a group of GTA enthusiasts have claimed to have unlocked in the recently released PC version of the game.  While GTA games have never shyed away from sex, this is the first time that players can control sexual activities as a part of the gameplay in a mainstream video game.

Rockstar and publisher Take 2 Interactive have held off on commenting on the sexual content, neither confirming or denying that the game shipped with the secret sex mode.  There is still debate over whether or not the sex mode was locked up in the original game or if members of the GTA community created the mode as an unauthorized add-on.  If the sex mode is Rockstar's doing, then we're about a week away from some senator exploding with political rage and proposing legislation to do away with video games once and for all in the name of protecting the children.  If Rockstar is not involved with the sex mode, then I beg them to publically say so and defuse this issue before it becomes out of control.

If Rockstar is responsible for the sex mode, then I want to know what the development team was thinking when they left it in the final version of the game.  Surely they must know that various politicians are just waiting for the perfect excuse to ban San Andreas and kin in the name of public decency, and now here Rockstar has handed those politicians just what they wanted.  If San Andreas is legislated away into the backroom of the likes of Best Buy and Gamestop, then Rockstar will have themselves to blame first and foremost, and if this issue spirals out of control and whatever legislation that is enacted spills over into the rest of the video game world, it will be interesting to see just how many friends Rockstar will have remaining in the industry.