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"Do The Mario" On DVD, Zelda Too

Super Mario Bros. Super Show UPDATE: There's been a delay.

"Hey paisanos!  It's The Super Mario Bros. Super Show!"  Animated News has a report stating that the complete series of the 1989-90 cartoon/live action programs The Super Mario Bros. Super Show and Friday special The Legend of Zelda are headed to DVD this coming October in 4-volume and 3-volume sets respectively.  A "best of" Super Mario DVD has been available for some time, but die-hard fans out there can now finish off their collections.

Like most young Nintendo fans of the era, I was hooked on these cartoons when they originally aired (despite the corny live action Mario and Luigi segments and off-model animation).  My family had a satellite dish at the time and every Sunday afternoon when the show's syndicator would air the week's episodes for the affiliates to record in a three hour block I'd plop myself down in front of the TV and watch.  Good times.  I can't say that I'll be picking up these DVDs, but it's good to know that the shows will be available for today's young fans.