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"Bull Shannon" Joins Hulk Cast

Richard MollThe Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction is headed for release this August and now Vivendi Universal has announced the voice talent set to perform in the game.  Grouped together with Ron Perlman and Neal McDonough is Night Court's own Bull Shannon, Richard Moll.  He's playing the role of Devil Hulk, the evil embodiment of Bruce Banner's dark thoughts.  Unfortunately, I cannot picture Moll performing as any other character except for Bull.  I'm scheduled to review Ultimate Destruction for AMN and I have a feeling that I'll be unable to take the character seriously.  Devil Hulk will make grand threats and ooze rage, but all I'll be able to think of is that wacky bald bailiff from the 1980s.  Such is the woe of typecasting.

"Sir, please calm down. You're among friends. Friends who wear badges, and search your body cavities, but friends nonetheless."