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Breed All About New Nintendogs Content

NintendogsA lot of people are going dog-wild over news that the North American version of the Japanese hit Nintendogs will include three new breeds of dog: golden retriever, boxer, and Siberian husky, bringing the total dog breeds to eighteen.  That's a lot of dogs.

The game, which has bolstered [Nintendo] DS sales in Japan, lets gamers tend to a virtual puppy from infancy. Owners will have to feed, clean up after, bathe, and play with their dogs to keep them happy and healthy. Through the wireless function of the game, Nintendogs owners can let their pooches play with one another.

I'm convinced there's at least one secret breed that nobody has unlocked yet: the Yoshi.  How could Nintendo not include a Yoshi?  Many people find them cute so Yoshis are a natural fit with the dogs and, best of all, the Yoshi could snarf up neighboring dogs and eat them with his comically-long tongue.  And who says you can't teach an old dinosaur new tricks?  Nintendogs breaks free this August.