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A Day At The Nintendo World Store

Nintendo World logo While the rest of the game journalism industry was off covering E3 last month, AMN's Erik Altieri went to the opposite end of North America to attend the grand opening celebration of the Nintendo World Store.  Yes, it's the Nintendo World Store, a place where Pokemon run wild and free, PictoChat rooms actually have people in them, and the local bar stocks copies of Super Mario Advance 4 instead of booze.

Another very cool area was the GBA Bar. This was a bar just like any you'd see in a pub, but instead of drink being dished out it was games. There were several GBAs set up along the bar and behind it was your "gametender". You simply told the gametender what you wanted to play (any of about ten GBA games on a list) and he would load it up on your GBA for you to sample.

As much as I'd love to go to this store, I can't see making a special trip to New York for it.  Nintendo is treating this project as a test to see if the New York area will support a store dedicated to Nintendo products, so if there is profit to be made here I hope that Nintendo would consider branching out and building similar stores in other regions.