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Why Wait In Line? Nintendo DS E3 Demos Go Wireless

NintendologoNintendo issued a press release this afternoon that confirms something that many people (myself included) had already thought was going to happen: the company will be wirelessly transmitting various game demos and video content to anyone who brings a Nintendo DS to the trade show and comes into range of one of Nintendo's transmitters.

Don't forget to bring your Nintendo DS™ system to the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) in Los Angeles next week. The massive Nintendo booth will feature an area dedicated to DS Download Play. Visitors can try out sample versions of Nintendo games delivered wirelessly, video content – and a few surprises. Be sure to check it out.

Now this has me thinking... since data downloaded into the Nintendo DS wirelessly stays in memory until the system is turned off, wouldn't it be possible to download, say, a Mario Kart DS demo at E3 and then just keep the system in sleep mode whenever it wasn't in use, thereby keeping the demo in your hands for weeks or even months after E3 is over?

(Updated 5/13 with a link that doesn't require registration)