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TV's Lost As Infocom Text Adventure

LostCrossing over into the world of television blogging brings forth this humorous piece from TeeVee where the ABC television hit Lost is reimagined as a classic Infocom text adventure in the vein of Zork.  If you've been following Jack, Locke, Kate, Hurley, Michael, and the others from the island all year and you're familiar with these text adventure games then you'll get a kick out of this.

LOST> dig

What do you want to dig?

LOST> dig dirt

What do you want to dig the dirt with?

LOST> dig dirt with plane-scrap shovel

You dig in the dirt.  Several sweaty minutes later, you reveal a steel hatch.

LOST> open hatch

The hatch cannot be opened from this side.

LOST> use dynamite

There is no dynamite here.

On a related note, I'd love to see a Lost game, but I doubt that any developer could do the concept justice.  They'd most likely come up with a MMORPG that puts thousands of people on the island, completely missing the point of the show's isolation aspects.