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Today's Rumor: Classic NES Compilation

SmbboxThe pre-E3 time period is a breeding ground for fan-based rumors.  With companies holding on to their announcements and secrets until mid-May online gaming fans seek to fill in the blanks by coming up with wild rumors.  As a rule I tend to ignore these rumors until there's some proof to back them up.  In this case, however, I'm breaking my own rule because I have a neat idea to put with this one.

Today's rumor comes to us from Joystiq where they is speculation about a collection of Nintendo Entertainment System and Super NES titles on a single game card for the Nintendo DS.  Their evidence was debunked almost immediately and Nintendo has proven that customers will pay $20 a pop for one classic game, so why should they produce a compilation that sells for $35?  I'd be shocked if this one turned out to be true.  Nevertheless, if this were to happen here's a little feature I'd like to see...

Here's my idea: games in the compilation should be unlocked in order of their original release.  The first five NES and Super NES games are unlocked at the start.  If players want to access the other 20+ games then they have to complete the games they have available.  Finish Super Mario Bros. and The Legend of Zelda opens up.  Complete Pilotwings and get Super Mario Kart. Another idea is to tie the original release date of each game to the DS's calendar so that new games become available on the anniversary of their original release.  Of course impatient people would cheat and set their DS clocks to January 2010 to unlock everything instantly, but I still like the idea.

I suggest this to shine a little light on classic games that are often overlooked today and to teach those young whipper-snappers that believe that "real games" began with the PlayStation that the best video game of all time is not Resident Evil 4.   It's the twenty-first century equivalent to the argument that kids today don't appreciate classic literature and only want to read comic books.

It's all a moot point anyway, of course.  Nintendo can make much more money buy continuing to release classic games one at a time, so I'm not holding my breath on this one.