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Sony May Release PS3 In 2005 After All

PlayStation Are they serious or just trying to knock some of the wind out of Microsoft's sails?  Either way, Sony's Takao Yuhara has said that the company is considering a 2005 debut for the Sony PlayStation 3.  Considering that up until recently the company has stated that 2006 would be the Year of the PS3, hearing about a 2005 release means that the company is running scared from Microsoft.  Of all three next-generation console developers Sony has said the least (notice how quiet they've been in recent weeks, even managing to somehow say less than Nintendo, if such a thing is possible), so to suddenly spring the PS3 this year would be surprising.

This is all more fuel for the debate regarding Microsoft's premature push to the next generation of consoles, of course, but rushing a console to release before it's ready can be disastrous.  First-run PlayStation hardware has a knack for being slightly defective in one way or another.  I'd hate to see the kinds of flaws that could pop up in a rushed first-run PS3.