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Showtime To Offer Free Xbox Gear

XboxShowtime announced today a summer promotion designed to increase their subscriber base and liquidate some soon-to-be-obsolete Xbox gear.  New subscribers to the premium cable channel will have their choice of either two Xbox games or one Xbox game and a starter kit for Xbox Live with a one year subscription to the service.

Expect to hear about this promotion whether you want it or not because Showtime is planning to bombard North America with advertising mailers, telemarketing calls, relentless TV commercials, and annoying Internet advertisements.  Normally I wouldn't be so cynical about such things, but this quote from Showtime Networks' Executive Vice President, Marketing & Creative Len Fogge says it all:

"On one level, this is about the marriage of two very hot brands that have both seen tremendous momentum over the past year. On a more strategic level, we love this promotion because we know that premium digital subscribers are 75% more likely than the average household to buy video games. Further, the Xbox Live service is the perfect companion to a high speed Internet connection as it empowers consumers to play online."

So you can have your two free Xbox games if you're prepared to be pressured into signing up for every other synergistic service under the Showtime or Xbox umbrellas.  But hey, free games!

(via Lost Remote)