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Revolution's Revolution Is Covered By A Flap

RevolutionSpong claims to have had a chance to paw the Nintendo Revolution prototype box.  Items of interest from this fondling session include the discovery of one flap that conceals four Nintendo GameCube controller ports and another sealed flap that apparently hides the revolutionary aspect of the Revolution.

Another flap, the important and ominous-looking one on the front, would not open."There's a clue there," we were told by senior Nintendo staff today as we pawed the hardware, which we could power on and off and fully examine. "That's the Revolution, right there."

Incidentally, the bitterness is strong over at Spong these days.  One article describing Sega's next-gen plans began by labeling everyone at E3 as "dorks" and then this article looks down upon those attending the pre-E3 Nintendo press conference as "16-year-old "CEOs"".  You're not going to win any fans with those kinds of remarks, Spong.  When one is among a massive trade show of video games nobody should be looking down on anybody else.  Some gamers get enough teasing in their daily lives.  That attitude shouldn't spill over into E3.