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Revolution Launch Schedule In The Works

Iwata Mark your calendars, gang.  Spong has an article this morning outlining Nintendo's proposed plans to launch the Nintendo Revolution console in the three major markets - Japan, North America, and Europe - in the years to come.  According to the article, North America would receive the console first (mirroring the Nintendo DS launch schedule) in November 2006.  Japan would get their first crack at the machine sometime in December and poor Europe would have to wait until March 2007.

I'm of two minds on this proposed schedule.  On the one hand, I want the Revolution and I want it now.  On the other hand, I know how Nintendo likes to tinker with and improve their products right up until the last possible moment, so if a few extra months can make the next Nintendo generation even better then I'm willing to wait.  Casual gamers may not, however.  If the Revolution isn't coming until 2007 and the Xbox 360 is here now, why should people wait?  With up to a year and a half between the two (proposed) releases, why not buy a 360 this year and then pick up a Revolution in twelve or eighteen months?

I'm not one to encourage rushing, but Nintendo had better step up soon if they want to try and blow the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 out of the spotlight.  Keep a secret for too long and some people stop caring and just move on to the next thing in line.  Nintendo deserves better than that.