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PS3 Launch Price Speculation

PS3 ControllerThere's an article over at GamerLounge discussing speculation on the launch price of the upcoming Sony PlayStation 3 and how it may or may not compare to that of the PS2's original price.  Also of note is that Sony has supposedly set a cap among its business partners of no more than ¥40,000 for the launch price of the PS3 in Japan.  That's about $370 at today's exchange rates.

Personally, I'm preparing myself for an increase in costs in order to join the next generation of gaming.  Many publishers have been stating for months now that they plan to charge up to $10 more per title in the next generation and I wouldn't be surprised if the new consoles picked up an additional $50 or more price tag above what we have traditionally paid in the past.  When you're saving your pennies for the PS3's launch (or Xbox 360 or Revolution launches) you'd better toss in some dimes from time to time as well.  You just may need them.