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Nintendo Wants To Hear From You

DsEvery so often Nintendo asks the gaming community for opinions and now is one of those times.  Nintendo has a survey at their website asking gamers for their thoughts on online gaming.  Basically, Nintendo wants to know what consoles you use to play online games, what consoles you want to use to play online games, which games you'd want to play online, and whom you'd like to play these games against.

One piece of interest that is stirring up some commotion on fan websites is that one of the options listed for which games people want to play online is Super Smash Bros.  Some people are exclaiming that this "proves" that Nintendo will show a Smash Bros. DS at E3 next week, but it's important to remember that not everything the company asks about ends up as a finished (or even revealed) product.  Remember the time Nintendo asked for input on interest for a Nintendo 64 Player for the GameCube?  And how many of those did the company ship, hmm?

My point is that you should take the survey, answer honestly, and don't get excited by what may not even exist.