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In Search Of... Model Arwing

StarfoxUPDATE: Since the file has vanished again since it was originally made available, you can now download it direct from PTB.

PTB reader Josh writes:

After reading your post on searching for the Mario illustration, I'd like to add something that I've been looking for, that you might have - the StarFox Arwing paper model from Nintendo Power.

I remember it coming on some pages that you have to cut out of the magazine, and I built it, but being 9-10 years old, I did a terrible job.  I've been looking for a scan of that to try and build it again, but have had no luck.  Think you could put a call out to your readers to see if anyone out there has a scan of that available?

I remember that model and, like Josh, I built it at a young age and did a horrible job.  Gummed the whole thing up with tape.  The model in question comes from the Super Power Club bonus pages in the January 1993 issue of Nintendo PowerIf you know the online whereabouts of these pages that are suitable for printing and building, please post the URL in the comments below.  PTB reader bretto scanned the pages and posted the URL in the comments below.  Thanks bretto!