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Hey Europe! Nintendo Wants To Hear From You

Nintendo logoNintendo of Europe is currently running a little survey seeking input on how much people like the company's European online presence.  There's plenty of questions about what you like about Nintendo's website, what you don't like about it, and the usual few teasing questions along the line of "If Nintendo were to ________, would you buy it?"  Your reward for taking five minutes to fill this out?  Game Boy Micro and Revolution wallpapers.

It's nice to see Nintendo becoming serious about its European operation.  For years the region has typically been the last to get new titles, and sometimes the best games skip right past them (Super Mario RPG and Animal Crossing, just to name a few).  Nintendo has been trying to change this lately.  After all, both The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap and DK: King of Swing released in Europe before North America and Japan.  Perhaps Nintendo is finally seeing how important Europe is in a business perspective.  Now, if they'd just export the Stars Catalogue to North America then everything would be fine.