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First Look At New A Boy And His Blob

BoyblobMajesco announced a new installment in the long-forgotten A Boy and His Blob series just before E3, but the game wasn't out in the open during the show.  The director of the project was talking to the media though and these screenshots of the game have made their way online.  Confirmed for the Nintendo DS and not the Sony PlayStation Portable (the initial press release was vague on which unit the game was headed towards), it appears that Majesco has gone for a cartoonish quality of visuals for this one.  The Blob is green now as opposed to his original white which gives him the unfortunate appearance of, well, snot.  There's really no other way to describe him.

But getting beyond that, the game certainly looks more animated than it did fifteen years ago.  Let's hope that it plays better as well.  If Majesco can pull this concept off successfully than I know I'll go for it.  I really wanted to like the original A Boy and His Blob, but it wasn't executed successfully.  I really want this DS revival to work.