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Halo 2Insert25 has the news that Bungie (the company behind Halo) has reset the Halo 2 statistics on Xbox Live.  Now all those players who quit their jobs to exist on ramen noodles and Mountain Dew while playing the game have to deal with the erasure of their hard-earned progress.  According to Insert25, the idea behind this is to put everyone on an even playing field:

Before you start whining about losing your hard earned levels, just keep in mind that the only reason levels exist is to match you against an opponent with similar skills.

So now let me get this straight.  Previously a Level 30 player would not be matched against a Level 2 player because the Level 2 player would lose the game before the game's title screen even appeared.  Now that the stats have been reset we have Level 30 players out there who appear to be Level 1 players and these folks will play against real Level 1 players.  Resetting a number on a screen doesn't reset the gaming skills of the player.  This actually doesn't seem very fair at all.

I imagine that this was done in order to shake things up on the scoreboard and topple the folks who have spent weeks or even months at the top of the board.  It's easy to imagine the arrogance and large egos of the Top Ten players.  I'd imagine that most die-hard Halo players are furious.

This is the just the kind of thing that keeps me from jumping full-on into online gaming.  Stats on an offline game stay in place unless the user resets them manually or the hardware fails.  Having one's stats reset by the developer from afar is just another reminder that you don't purchase online games or modes, you rent them.