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E3 2005: A Look At Mario Baseball's Exhibition Mode

Mariobaseball_1A few days ago I posted a video of one of the mini-games found in the E3 version of Mario Baseball.  A PTB reader requested a second look at the game, this time of the game's Exhibition Mode where the characters play a traditional game of baseball.  The E3 version was limited to only five innings and not all of the characters were available, but from the looks of this video Mario Baseball will be another amazing sports title from Nintendo.  And remember, this one's being co-developed by Namco.

Mario Baseball includes the usual array of Nintendo-related power-ups to add some craziness to the game.  For example, when Wario pitches he sometimes cheats and tosses two baseballs, only one of which counts if hit.  Diddy Kong can balance himself on his tail while pitching.  On the power shot end of the spectrum, Mario can use his bat to whack a baseball with such force that it catches fire.  And Donkey Kong?  He's so strong that he skips using a bat altogether and steps up to the plate armed with a boxing glove.  Other characters seen on the field include the usuals such as Luigi, Princess Peach, Koopa Troopa, and Toad.  New characters to the sporting side of Mario's adventures include a Goomba, a Noki, and a Pianta.  There are 36 spots on the character selection screen, although in the demo not all of them were filled.  Something else not in the demo is a Challenge Mode where characters roam the Mushroom Kingdom and beyond while performing baseball-related tasks.  Mario Baseball's opening day comes August 2005.