E3 2005: I Have Seen Nintendo And It Is Good
E3 2005: Mad Catz Wants You To Move

E3 2005: Day One

MariostrikersI was waiting in line with everyone else this morning when the doors to E3 swung wide open.  Most people made a mad dash for the Zelda display, but I headed for the general Nintendo area.  It's times like this that I'm glad that I love the games that most people have "left behind".  I have played Super Mario Strikers.  I have played the Mario Mix of Dance Dance Revolution.  I have played multiplayer and single player Mario Kart DS... and won an eight-player Mario Kart tournament.  I have played New Super Mario Bros. and am absolutely in love with it.  I have played Shadow the Hedgehog.  I have played Sonic Gems Collection and the DS's Sonic Rush.  I have played Castlevania DS.  I have met "Jack O'Neill".  I have been everywhere from Nintendo to Namco to Capcom to Konami to Sega and back.

I have been to E3.

Over at GameCube Advanced I've been working hard on putting together some impressions of the various games I played today.  Be sure to check them out.

And, just for the you rabid Mario fans (I can't be the only one) here is a little movie I filmed of the opening ceremonies of Super Mario Strikers