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1-UP Goes To The Zelda Source

ZeldaFor a game that we're supposedly not going to learn anything new about until E3 there sure is a lot of new The Legend of Zelda information floating around out there.  Real information, too, not just rumors.

This week's information comes from where recently some Electronic Gaming Monthly staffers journeyed across the sea to Japan to speak with Zelda director Eiji Aonuma and Nintendo music-man Koji Kondo.  Those lucky EGMers even had the opportunity to play a demo of the game that seems to be further along (or less crippled) than the demo the rest of us will have a chance to sample at E3.  Also of note is this:

When I ask about the rumors that Link is a werewolf, he gets a funny look on his face. "If Link is...?" he asks the translator, then says he can't answer the question. It's tough to read, but if I had to guess, I'd say his reaction sounded less like surprise I had hit on something and more like I had just gotten the name wrong...

Get ready, folks, because here comes Phase 2 of the werewolf rumor: Princess Zelda is the werewolf, Ganon is the werewolf, Epona the horse is the werewolf, Wolfos the wolf monster is the werewolf...