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Why Can't We Have Nice Things?

SmbcapsSometimes it seems like everyone except North America gets all the cool toys.  Europe enjoys the Nintendo Stars Catalogue where players can earn points for registering new games and participating in web activities when can then be traded for Nintendo promotional items, new games, or game systems and Japan gets the neat knick-knacks like these Pepsi X Nintendo tape rolls of artwork and these Pepsi Twist bottle caps that feature 3D pixelfied enemies and items from the classic Super Mario Bros.

And why can't we have these things in America?  Because Americans would bleed Nintendo dry.  We'd stockpile points by the barrel and acquire promo items and extra copies of games to sell on eBay for pure profit.  We'd steal the caps off of Pepsi bottles just to try and collect the entire set... which we would then sell on eBay.  Japan and Europe have their share of unscrupulous folks, of course, but I really do believe that the number of greedy Americans taking advantage of the catalog program and stealing caps would outnumber the honest folks who play by the rules.  As much as I'd love to have neat items and catalog programs like these, America just isn't ready for them.