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The Usefulness of Game Review Literature

What Does The GameStop/EB Merger Mean For You? has an interesting article about what the merger of GameStop and Electronics Boutique will mean for us, them, and the other guys.  More to the point, the article speculates that we the customer will have the opportunity to receive even more advertisements (watch for the use of terms such as "branding" and "channels" from the company's executives who apparently speak Marketing instead of English).  Meanwhile, the combined company will become filthy richer and will wield awesome power in the battle against game publishers for more favorable deals involving price and shelf space.  So basically the only people benefiting from the merger are the folks up on high at GameStop.

So basically what you're going to get out of this merger is more advertising.  No lower prices now that a competitor is out of the way, no increased selection as distribution methods combine, and no helpful customer service as the company passes over knowledgeable game-oriented employees for promotions within the company and instead hires retailers from Foot Locker to run the show.  After reading this piece I get the feeling that customers are just an unwanted necessity to doing business.  If GameStop could make money hand over fist without having to deal with a single customer I bet they would be much happier.