The Real Console Wars
Coming Soon To An E3 Near You

"Outta My Way, Jerkass!"

XboxNow this is just getting ridiculous.  In an update to last week's news about Microsoft and Sony vying over who would be "first" to debut their new console to the world, Microsoft has leapfrogged over Sony's midday press conference and now plans to debut the next Xbox on a special on MTV on May 12, bypassing the media/press and going straight to the consumer for a televised program for which money has undoubtedly changed hands.  It makes me wonder if Microsoft is paying MTV for air time or if MTV is paying Microsoft because they know the show will be an excuse to charge more for advertising.  I expect Sony to counter with a direct mail plan any moment now.

Don't miss this quote from Microsoft's Peter Moore that supposedly explains why all of a sudden a press conference is not the way to go:

"It doesn’t make sense to unveil the product behind a closed door, at a trade-only event.”

Oh, it doesn't?  Then why has every other Xbox announcement been to the media at trade events?  Why has just about every game-related announcement been to the media?  The E3 Expo itself exists for announcements like these.  Fess up, Microsoft.  You're desire to be "first" is eating you up so much that you're willing to do whatever it takes to get your message out there before anyone else.  I'll say it again: stop trying to be "first" and concentrate on being "best".  Competitive quality is good for everybody.  Trying to shout the loudest isn't good for anyone.