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Now You're Playing With Piano

MariopaintmusicSlashdot is featuring an entry today about The Video Game Pianist and his skills at playing classic game music on the piano.  Then earlier in the week a movie file hit the Internet featuring an a cappella choir from Wisconsin performing other classic game music.  I keep hoping that Nintendo will release a book of arranged piano music full of some familiar themes from games such as Super Mario Bros., The Legend of Zelda, etc.  The fan-produced scores and performances are nice enough, but they don't always capture the spirit and tone of the original compositions.  There are a few of these books available for RPG titles in Japan, but I'd love to see them arrive in America for all genres of games.  Of course then we'd have every amateur garage band inflict a poorly-performed Castlevania theme on the neighborhood day after day.

Koji Kondo, where are you?