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Nintendo Going 3D? Again?

NintendologoOver at Slashdot (among other places) there's a lot of discussion over a new rumor about the Nintendo Revolution that's popped up: the console will make use of 3D projection, possibly the same kind being used by George Lucas in his next Star Wars Even More Special Edition projects.  Yes, it's another rumor without any official proof behind it.  Must be Wednesday.

Based on this rumor I'm going to make a bold prediction: forget about 3D projection, I'm betting that the next Nintendo console will itself exist in the third dimension.  It will have a height, a width, and even - get this! - a depth!  It may even have some sort of mass if it's not too cost-prohibitive, perhaps even a weight.  I have nothing to back this up with, but it's the next logical leap in the rumor mill.  It's about time that we had a three dimensional console.  I'm so sick of losing my 2D consoles when they get turned on an angle and vanish.