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New Zelda For DS Announced

FourswordsAlthough we've known it's been coming for a while now, Nintendo has finally officially announced that the upcoming Legend of Zelda title for the Nintendo DS will be a port/rendition of the Four Swords multiplayer Zelda adventure.   Personally, the whole Four Swords idea has never appealed to me.  It's hard enough to get three friends together at once to play a video game these days, never mind the requirement of everyone needing a Game Boy Advance and the appropriate link cables.

The Nintendo DS is the ideal platform to launch another Four Swords title, of course, but I still had that glimmer of hope that Nintendo would come forward with a primarily one-player game with maybe some multiplayer aspects.  Nobody in my social circle owns a DS, so I've never used the gadget's network abilities.  No Pictochat and no multiplayer Super Mario 64 DS or Yoshi Touch & Go.   If Zelda DS can tap into the Internet itself as the new Animal Crossing can, it might be worth a look, but if Nintendo is expecting me to come up with three DS-owning friends, then I'll pass on this one yet again.