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Microsoft Works Overtime To Plug Leak

XboxFollowing this past weekend's leak of Xbox 360 photos Spong.com has a story about how Microsoft is trying to contain the photos before they journey too far.  Nevertheless, the damage has been done.  So much for that "world exclusive unveiling" on MTV next month.  From Spong:

Speaking to Microsoft this morning saw the faceless glib response always trotted out by its PR team in times of catastrophic blunder: “Statement below as requested. Microsoft does not comment on rumour and speculation.”

Perhaps it's just as well that this leak happened.  Pictures (or video) of a game console can only captivate for so long.  Could Microsoft really have filled a whole half hour with footage of the Xbox 360 smiling for the camera intercut with swooning fans?  Now that the images are out in the wild Microsoft could spend more of their MTV time with footage of upcoming games.

Less hype, more information.  It's so crazy that it just might work.