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I Remember Nester

NesterRemember the early days of Nintendo Power?  Remember the "exclusive" coverage of Dragon Warrior and the large maps for Mega Man 2 and the bizzare letters that kids wrote to the editor?  Remember Howard & Nester?  Sure you do.  Years before Nester hit the big time in the Virtual Boy smash-hit Nester's Funky Bowling, he and companion Howard Phillips starred in a series of comics in Nintendo Power that provided a few laughs and a few gaming tips.  Now someone out there has scanned in every Howard & Nester comic from the magazine's early years and posted them online.

Relive the shocking visit to Super Mario Bros. 3 to discover bugs, revisit Dr. Wily's Skull Castle where Megamind Nester battles the mad doctor's latest bow-tie-wearing creation, or take another trip to the set of Ninja Gaiden to learn how to capture the One-Up (or is it the Up-One?).  All 25 installments of the series are here plus a few bonus comics.