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GameStop To Buy EB; Should Have Preordered

GsebYahoo! is reporting that video game retailer GameStop is set to buy competing retailer Electronics Boutique in a move that would create "the Wal*Mart of video games" (whatever that means).  All of the stock market information is in the linked article if you care to read it, but personally I want to know what this buyout will do to the two stores.  I've shopped at both before and generally don't care for either.  Each store in my area is manned by Xbox and PS2 fanboy know-it-alls who don't give Nintendo products or PC items a fair deal.  They're always pushing games or hardware that aren't out in stores yet or even announced yet as well.  I know that preorders are a big business at these stores, but it's really too soon to put money down on a PlayStation 3 or, I'm being serious here, a "Game Boy Evolution".  There's a joke here somewhere about how GameStop should have preordered Electronics Boutique in order to avoid the rush on release day, I just know it.

Oh, and no word yet on if video game news/review site GameSpot will offer their existing Electronics Boutique discount program through GameStop.  That would just make things even more confusing.