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Metroid Prime: Hunters Goes Online?

Samus AranBrowsing the news online this morning led me to where an article claims that Samus Aran's next Nintendo DS adventure will feature online multiplayer.  The exact quote:

One senior US retail source told SPOnG over the weekend, “The game will be fully online and we were as surprised as anyone. Nintendo told us that we should 'think along the lines of Halo 2, deathmatches, online leagues and so on'. It is going to be shown running online at E3 and will hit [in the US] in mid-summer.”

On the one hand, this is very exciting news.  On the other hand, this is Spong we're talking about here.  History shows they aren't the most accurate when it comes to breaking news such as this.  Nevertheless, if this is true then it's very intriguing.  Imagine global action shooter multiplayer in the palm of your hand anytime, anyplace (well, anyplace with an Internet hotspot, that is).  I look forward to some official confirmation of this from someone at Nintendo.  Animal Crossing To Go is a nice step into the online world, but we need more.