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Demasked Dissatisfaction

DemaskedN-Sider has an interview with the folks over at Warp Pipe regarding their mysterious Demasked project/product.  You remember Demasked, right?  It was supposed to be a way to freely bring the Nintendo DS online right out of the box on Day One of release back in November 2004.  Demasked was the project that had the hype around it in certain circles as Warp Pipe released various viral marketing "transmissions" designed to spread the word without actually revealing anything.

Now Demasked has evolved into some kind of developer-only application.  I read the interview and still don't get what Warp Pipe is trying to do with it.  Somehow it made the jump from consumer freeware to developer toolkit.  Personally, after the viral marketing that didn't reveal anything and the backpedalling on the goals of the Demasked project, I've lost interest in Warp Pipe.  There's a lot of empty statements in the interview, so much so in places that I don't believe we'll see anything concrete from Warp Pipe in the end.  I think this quote from the interview sums it up:

N-S: How will this be accomplished with gaming devices that do not have, for instance, a built in microphone or camera?

Imagination is everything. We have been relying on technology for the sake of technology for too long, rather than fully utilizing the technology that surrounds us.

Sounds like the Warp Pipe boys have been taking lessons on the art of saying something without really saying anything at all.