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Coming Soon To An E3 Near You

Newsmb_1You've probably seen the list of games to be featured at this year's E3 that's been floating around the Internet by now.  Most of the list looks rather standard: lots of sequels, plenty of games based on licensed movies or cartoons, and a few titles that everyone seems to be drooling over.  Let's have a look at a few of what could be some of the high points (and low points) of this year's conference.

  • Animal Crossing DS: Time for Nintendo to show us all what the DS's Internet abilities can do.
  • The Godfather: This one's getting a lot of attention due to the talent involved.  On the other hand, it's from Electronic Arts. Another trip to the vault or actual quality?
  • Perfect Dark Zero: Rareware still makes video games?  Did I miss the memo?
  • Mega Man Battle Network 5: Another Game Boy Advance title featuring the fourth incarnation of Mega Man.  Knowing Capcom's ability milk franchises and then drive them into the ground, I bet we're only a few months away from Mega Man Battle Network 6: Champion Edition Turbo Fighter Remix (Blue Edition).
  • The Sims 2: Nightlife: Speaking of milking a franchise...
  • The Legend of Zelda: Nintendo has a lot riding on this one.  I wonder how much they'll show.
  • Castlevania DS: This one intrigues me.  The use of the stylus to draw special attacks seems interesting, but I'm hoping it's actually a fun weapon and not just a gimmick.
  • Soul Calibur III: So Namco wants to go exclusive to tailor the next installment of the series to the PlayStation 2's strengths?  Here's hoping Namco convinces the masses that this is a good idea.
  • Super Mario Bros. DS: Finally!  I was beginning to think that this one had fallen off the face of the planet.  There hasn't been any new information on it since it was revealed at last year's E3.
  • Shadow the Hedgehog: I want to believe in this one.  I really do.

Lots to see and only a few days to do it.  And then of course there are all the unannounced games that will see the light of day for the first time...