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Are You 8-Bit?

MariopaintGame Informer has an article about the upcoming "i am 8-bit" art show in Hollywood, California.  The show features more than one hundred paintings and sculptures submitted by ninety-seven artists all based on video games that were created before 1995, such as Pac-Man, Donkey Kong, and Excitebike.  From the article:

The art pieces range from oil paintings, canvas paintings, wood paintings, paper drawings, and even sculptures and plush doll designs. From the pieces we've seen so far, the works range from the obvious and basic to the bizarre and just plain "what the heck were you on when you created this?" Yet, if you've played some of the games from the NES era, or stepped into an arcade in the 80s, it won’t take you long to recognize which game each piece was inspired from.

It's always great to see creative works inspired by classic video games, especially if they add some legitimacy to our favorite pixellated characters and scenarios as far as the non-gaming world is concerned.  I bet we see more of this kind of thing as times goes on.  Right now you can see more of this kind of thing right here at the show's website.

(via waxy.org)