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Xbox 2 In 2005 A Wise Idea?

XboxXbox Advanced has an editorial discussing whether or not launching the next Xbox this year is a wise idea.  XBA's Ken Nelson discusses the parallels shared with the early launches of the Sega Dreamcast and Sony PlayStation 2 and compares their accomplishments and failings to what Microsoft may decide to do with the Xbox 2 (or Xenon as it is referred to in this article).

"As history clearly shows, there is both the opportunity for gain and loss when risking an early launch. You can either do it right, or you can do it wrong. So the greater question is, how can Microsoft ensure that the Xenon does not dig itself a shallow grave to be filled come 2006?"

My opinion on the matter is that it doesn't matter who launches first or when they launch.  What I care about is squeezing all of the power and potential out of the current generation of consoles before the next generation arrives.   Yes, backwards compatability is the keyword of the next set of consoles, but I want to see every last drop of power sucked out of the Xbox, PlayStation 2, and GameCube before we move on.  I want a true must-have game for the PS2's Eye Toy.  I want Rare to release an Xbox game on par with their Nintendo 64 smash hits.  I want Nintendo to open the curtain and finally give us Super Mario 128.  Once we accomplish all of that, then we can move on.