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"Touch", "DS" Are The New "64"

TouchdsTake a look at the list of current and upcoming games for the Nintendo DS and you'll see a familiar pattern:

Remember in the days of the Nintendo 64 when just about every game released had the number "64" slapped on it?  Super Mario 64, Star Fox 64, Mario Kart 64, Donkey Kong 64, etc. all had a "64" on them and by the end of the console's life a lot of people (myself included) were sick of seeing "64" everywhere.  Now history is repeating with the Nintendo DS as Nintendo is branding releases with either a "DS" or some derivation of the word "touch".  It's such an insignificant issue to bring up, but Nintendo, if you're listening, let's not go down the "64" path again.  "64" became a cliche long before the Nintendo 64 was phased out and "DS" and "touch" are headed that way already.  The DS has a touchscreen.  We get that.  Let's move on already.