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There Can Be Only One... Right?

DsvspspShawn Sinclaire of PSP Advanced has come forth with an actual unbiased comparison of the Nintendo DS and the Sony PlayStation Portable.  That's the shocker: it's actually unbiased.  There's no fanboy whining or unsupported claims here.  No blind devotion to one system over another.  Each unit it evaluated on aesthetics, functionality, ease of use, and overall enjoyability of the available games which, to me, is the way it should be.

"Gamers who can get both systems should definitely get both systems, as each one has its own unique set of characteristics to offer. If you're stuck choosing only one or the other, then go where your interests lie. If the only reason you want a handheld machine is for gaming in ways previously impossible, then get your DS. If you like the ability to play solid video games and then switch to MP3 music as you're doing your homework, PSP would be your choice."

Most every aspect of video game discussion from the fans to the media seem to have this idea that one system and/or one company must crush its competition to be worthy.  This attitude is one of the biggest problems in the world of video games today and it's refreshing to see a media outlet understand and respect that there is room for more than one major player in the gaming industry and that both the DS and the PSP have their place both in the market and on gamers' shelves.