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Sony Replacing "Dead Pixel" PSPs After All

PlayStation PortableSony has apparently backtracked on their claim last week that they would not replace PlayStation Portable units with dead pixels.  If you'll recall, last week I touched on the fact that Sony would not be replacing these defective units.  It seems that Sony's American division has been feeling the heat from angry customers because now they're offering replacement screes and/or PSPs for units that suffer from dead pixel problems.  To quote from the article that offers this news:

SCEA representatives have offered an official line that any PSP owners who, after a week or two, find that any dead pixel issues are causing them problems, will have their machine or its screen replaced free of charge, though the time-frame for the postal exchange service was not outlined.

It's good to see Sony listening to their rabid customer base's complaints and doing the right thing in replacing defective units.  After all, if you pay $250 for something you expect it to work correctly right out of the box.