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PSP Web Browser Discovered

PspwebNow this is interesting.  It turns out that the new Sony PlayStation Portable game Wipeout Pure uses a little web browser to access downloadable content.  As was bound to happen, someone figured out how to gain access to the browser outside of the Wipeout menu structure and is able to surf the web.  It's a very basic browser (no frames support, text must be entered via an onscreen keyboard, etc.) but it gets the job done.

What I'm wondering is how Sony is going to react to this.  After all, since the PSP was released two days ago people have found ways to load TiVo To Go content on the unit, copy e-books, and use standard Memory Sticks instead of the more expensive and required Memory Stick Duo.  Will Sony be silent on the issue, will they crack down with the Fist of a Thousand Hammers, or will they simply say "Hey, you figured it out.  Good job!".  Past precedent suggests the hammers or, at the very least, an "update" that breaks this little trick.

But now I wonder what the Nintendo DS has hidden inside...