A Little Introduction

Press Start

Welcome to Press The Buttons!

I'm Matthew Green and I'm the guy who will be putting forth these entries.  My goal here is to provide some of my opinions on the current state of the video game industry.  No game reviews, no downloadable game add-ons, no breaking news outside of a link to someone else's breaking news.  What I do want to share are some thoughts on the state of the  world of video games: where it is, where I think it's going, and what that means for gaming's fans and detractors alike.  Maybe you'll agree with my ideas or maybe you'll think I'm out of my mind, but if you take a moment to think about the various things that you read here then I'll feel that I've done my job.  Please feel free to comment on any of the entries here or e-mail me with topics you'd like to see me discuss.

With that in mind let me welcome you again to Press The Buttons.  Pardon the inevitable growing pains that this weblog will undergo over time (like any good website) and I look forward to presenting my thoughts and reading your comments.