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Perceptions On Passing On Picking Up A PSP

PspwebThere's a discussion over at Slashdot today regarding how the PlayStation Portable wasn't a complete 100% out-of-the-gate rocket-like sold-out-completely success.  What's interesting (to me at least) is how the comments are skewing towards why people decided not to buy a PSP at this time.  Some cited cost, some cited Sony's poor track record for first generation product runs, and others cited the poor launch library.  It's an interesting read just to get some additional perspective on the matter.

As for me, I passed on picking up a PSP mainly due to its high cost, but also it's seemingly fragile state.  If I put down $250+ for a handheld gaming gizmo, I don't want the screen getting keyed when I accidentially slip my car keys into the same pocket as the PSP.  Say what you want about the Nintendo DS, but it's screen is never getting scarred by my misplaced keys.  Thankfully.  If I'd been carrying a PSP around in my pocket all this time, it would be scratched up in every way imaginable.