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Oh Snap! DS Camera Debunked

SnapdsSometimes you just have to love those Internet rumors.  Last week's speculation regarding a camera add-on for the Nintendo DS that was fueled by this little Snap DS! logo turns out to be the work of, as Spong.com says, "some punk kid with a copy of PhotoShop".  There's a reason why Spong isn't known as a very reputable news source in some circles, but do you know why we keep coming back?  Because we want to believe.

The hoaxes and fake news can be annoying, but it's fun to imagine... um, I mean to say that a good hoax can fuel the imagination to... no, that's not right either.  Aw hell, let's just admit it: hoaxes are damned irritating and chip away at the credability of online journalism in the eyes of the established media.  Thirteen-year-olds with access to Photoshop aren't doing anyone any favors when they pull tricks like this one.