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Nintendo Scaling Back On Buttons

BowserIt's been a slow news day in the gaming world, but this piece from IGN caught my eye.  Nintendo President Satoru Iwata recently gave an interview to a Japanese publication regarding the upcoming new Nintendo Revolution console.  What disturbs me about Iwata's comments is this little quote:

"The current consoles are constantly getting more complicated. The number of buttons on Joypads has been increasing steadily in recent years, for instance."

There's been a lot of rumor about touchscreen controllers and what-not, but my concern is that Nintendo is planning a controller with only one or two buttons.  Imagine if Kirby's Air Ride (a game which only uses the A button and control stick) was the standard control scheme rather than the exception.  I don't want games to be that simple.  I do want a little complexity in my gaming, thank you very much.  I want a jump button and a weapon button and an item button and all the other functions we've come to expect from modern gaming.  If Nintendo's big idea for the future is a big green button that says PUSH ME, I'm not so sure I want to be a part of that.  The only worse thing would be if that big green button came prepushed from the factory.