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N-Gage Rises Again

NgageGameSpot is reporting that Nokia is planning yet another redesign/upgrade to the N-Gage phone/game device.  Although the original N-Gage was reborn as the QD model last July, the gadget still hasn't broken two millions sales.  Nokia is persistent, however, and is preparing a new model of QD that comes in various colors and may eventually support the CDMA standard.  All Nokia cellular phones currently operate on the GSM standard, but the director and general manager of the games business program at Nokia, Gerard Wiener, stated "There's no question addressing the CDMA market is something we'd like to be doing."  An official announcement regarding the new N-Gage QD is expected this week.

You have to hand it to Nokia; they aren't going away.  Despite lackluster sales and the lack of a "must have" game, they keep tweaking and pushing the N-Gage.  Persistence is important in the gaming industry, but one has to wonder how much longer the company will stay in the N-Gage business before deciding that funding is better spent elsewhere.  Nokia needs to organize their N-Gage plans and actually try to attract top notch game developers because tossing out new models and colors of the same basic gadget obviously isn't bringing in much success.